Hawaiian Healing for Forgiveness and Spiritual Clearing

Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian word that translates to "Make it Right".  For centuries, Ho'oponopono has been an important method of healing in Hawaii to find resolution for internal conflicts within yourself or within relationships with others. 

Traditional Ho'oponopono uses a process of prayer, honest discussion, self-examination, identifying the problem, seeking possible solutions, taking actions to bring all involved back to a state of wholeness, creating forgiveness, and permenantly forgetting, we get to why there is unhappiness and find ways to free ourselves from those mental and emotional burdens.  Those unresolved feelings that we carry of guilt, resentment, anger, and others can be completely and permenantly released.  Most importantly, the Ho'oponopono process identifies what prevents us from living fully in our own truth and brings out the answers as we find ourselves stepping back on the Line of Truth.  We can find a spiritual cleansing and  

This practice is not religious in nature, but it does require a belief in a higher power.

This is the traditional method of Ho'oponopono is not based in the popularized modern mantra.

2 hours
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