Blissfully Relaxing Hand Reflexology

So much more than just a "hand massage", Reflexology has been used to support the health of the body for thousands of years, popping up spontaneously all over the planet through out history.  In modern times, there have been over 170 research studies on the benefits of Reflexology.  It has been shown to affect major health indicators such as blood pressure, blood flow, EKG readings, EEG readings, cholesterol.  It has been at the center of 27 different pain studies.  Its applications for mental health benefits were used extensively in Russia.  It has an amazing effect on stress in your body, and there is much anecdotal evidence that Reflexology benefits sleep issues, mental focus, kidney stones, and even dental health!

How does it work?  There are centers on the hand and wrist that when stimulated with specific, skillful touch, opens the flows of communication with the brain and with the major organs of the body.  While certainly not a replacement for modern medical care, it is a wonderfully effective complimentary therapy.  In fact, more and more hospitals, cancer centers, and medical centers are incorporating professional Reflexologists as part of their Alternative and Complimentary Medicine teams.

What is a session like?  First, you will meet with your Reflexologist to discuss your goals.  That might be purely relaxation, or you might more specific therapeutic goals.  You will be invited to rest on a massage table, or in a very comfortable Reflexology Recliner.  Your hands will receive a ritual cleansing, and then your Reflexologist will provide you with a personalized Reflexology session designed to help with your intended goals.  It is so relaxing and feels so good.

Reflexology addresses every part of you - your body, your mind, and your spirit.  This style of working is a pure union of physical work, energy work, and astral healing all in one session!

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