Reiki is perhaps the world's most popular form of energy work!  It is being utilized in hospitals, cancer centers, rehabilitation centers, hospice care, and other medical settings, because it is safe, relaxing, and deeply healing.  It is a great healing tool for body, mind, and spirit.  No matter what your goal: emotional challenges, physical health issues, sleep problems, or maintaining or increasing health and vitality, Reiki is an excellent choice for you.  It is not religious in nature, and people of all backgrounds and cultures are enjoying the benefits of Reiki.

Your session will begin with a brief conversation to discuss your intention for the session.  Then you can either remain seated or recline on a massage table, fully clothed, to receive the energy session while soothing music and soft lighting create an atmosphere of healing.  People report a wide variety of experiences during and after the session ranging from feeling more centered and confident, tingling, vibrating, buzzing sensations, heat or cold temperature changes, a softening of symptoms, and gentle quietness in the mind.  The completion of the session is just the beginning!  Over the next three days, it is recommended that you pay close attention to your thoughts, emotions, desires, dreams, and knowing.  Notice what is happening around you and within you as clues for moving forward in the next phase of healing for you.

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