The Healing Wisdom of Nature

Based in the practices of Hawaii's Medical Kahuna, this form of energy and spiritual healing is highly effective for many people.  Seeing the four elemental forces of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth as the building blocks for all of life, this healing art works to restore the harmony of these forces in a person's physical body, energy system and spirit.  Every process in your body can be seen as a partnership of elemental qualities - respiration, digestion, movement, posture, vision, thinking, etc. Health for each process, and therefore the overall life, is determined by Fire, Air, Water, and Earth working together.

No two sessions are alike.  Each time you come for a session, the session is designed for you as you are today.  After a brief discussion of your goals and needs, you will rest comfortably on a massage table, and remain fully clothed.  Through a gentle touch in non-personal areas, the practitioner will first listen to your system and then work with your elemental make up to bring your physical, energy, and spirit into a healthier relationship, with each supported by the other.  Dis-ease is the result of the elemental qualities working in conflict.  During the session, you can rest.  Most find the session to be deeply relaxing, and many fall asleep.  You might experience a quiet peace, or you may experience an assortment of sensations such as heat or cold, tingling, vibrations, flowing movement, or a limitless variety of possibilities.

The session is just part 1 of the process.  Over the next 3 days, the work will continue, and it is suggested that you pay attention to your dreams, your thoughts, and sensations as clues for your progress.  On the day of the treatment, you will be asked not to take a full immersion bath or shower or swim for a period of 24 hours.



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