Restore, Rejuvenate, Remember...

Our 90-minute Signature Service - Hawaiian Elemental Lomi Massage is like no other massage you may have experienced.  Passed down through generations of master healers, this is a full immersion into the sacred healing for your whole body-mind-spirit. 

Expertly weaving together long and flowing, rhythmic, ocean-like strokes, elegant pressure point therapies, and masterful healing energy work with the elemental forces of nature, Lomilomi can assist your entire being to awaken, to remember, and to reside once again in a state of unity.  Profoundly relaxing, deep healing, and exquisitely restorative, your session is customized just for you and your goals. 

Begin your journey toward achieving freedom from pain, greater mobility, and that centered place of inner peace within you once again.

1 hour & 30 min.
Price $ 135.00
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