Subtle Therapies, Gentle Touch, Major Influence

There is a deep rhythm and movement of fluid that protects and cares for the brain and spinal cord.  That rhythm can be disrupted when the bones of the cranium, spine or sacrum are not able to move naturally.  Too much tension in the neck and torso can also affect the flow in this system, and when this happens, a wide variety of health concerns can arise.  Using gentle, yet skillful touch therapy to work with the bones of the head, the spine, and natural tension holding areas of the neck and torso, the rhythm can be freed.  As the flow up and down the spinal column improves, the body sinks deeper and deeper into a peaceful state of relaxation, the organs can function better.

Craniosacral Therapy has been shown in studies to offer significant benefit for headaches, lack of mental focus, learning disabilities, chronic pain patterns, postural issues, digestive problems, asthma, sleep issues, sinus infections, ear problems, TMJ disorders, and more.  CST has been studied for its effectiveness with head traumas such as concussions, with the lasting injuries of automobile accidents, birth traumas, and even psychological traumas.

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