A Sacred Healing Rite

La'au Kahea is an ancient Healing practice that is revered as one of the highest spiritual healing rites.  La'au Kahea is translated as "The Calling Medicine", because it is a beautiful process bringing you and the Divine closer together.  The practitioner serves as the bridge using voice, prayer, chant, advocacy, and application of the healing breath to bring forth and set in motion a healing intervention.

The power of a La'au Kahea treatment is immense, although it is recommended that the session be repeated 3 times, or even 5 times if added reinforcement is deemed necessary.  The best results come when the series is performed over consecutive days.

What is a La'au Kahea ritual like?  Prior to your session, you will meet with the practitioner to discuss the reason for the healing work and to review the process.  If after that conversation all are agreed and the indications are favorable, we begin.  You will be invited to rest on a massage table with no need to remove clothing.  The space will be blessed, you will be given a spiritual cleansing, and practitioner will perform the callings through chant and prayer (offered in both Hawaiian and English).  The actual ritual may require an hour or 90-minutes to perform, and people receiving the treatment report a wide range of sensations.

Religious concerns: For some, healing through prayer in a tradition different than your own bring up questions.  While the words and methods may be different, the objective is the same.  If you had a friend who requested prayers on their behalf, you would offer your prayers your way even if your faith was different from your friend's.


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