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Ceremonies, Blessings, & Celebrations

Traditional Hawaiian Rites
to Celebrate the Important Milestones of Life! 

What are You Celebrating?

Celebrating and honoring those special milestones of life can be both a powerful time of transformation as well as a treasured memory for all involved.

Kahu Pono and/or Kahu Ha'awi are available to perform a variety of services, such as:

* Personal Clearings & Spiritual Cleansing
* House Blessings & Clearings
* Lei Bindings (Hawaiian Marriage, Commitment, & Renewal Ceremonies)
* New Baby Blessings
* Naming Ceremonies (including formal name changes with marriage and divorce)

* New Business Blessings

* Celebrations of Life

To discuss your specific requests, please call: 630-926-5891, contact us by e-mail:, or use the form below to reach out and talk about how we can help make your event both meaningful and memorable.

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